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Be Beautiful

Join us for a fun evening with friends, drinks, and a beauty workshop!
Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 PM | $60 per person
Call 204-717-7500 to Book Your Seat!


Learn with friends or come alone and meet new ones while you sip, sway and sizzle your way to fabulous looks. 

Makeup today has changed quite a bit from years gone by. It can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing trends and the enormous selection of cosmetics available to us. Gone are the days of a basic mascara and lip gloss.

Today there are thousands of every type of cosmetic available. How do we know which one is right for us? Trial and error can be costly and trying to learn all of the new trends can be frustrating.

We are here to take the frustration out of it and teach ladies how to create amazing and gorgeous new styles for themselves.

Don’t worry if you make any mistakes or want to start over. Our Instructor is there to guide you through the evening and to help you learn quick and easy techniques that you can use again and again! 


Drink. Play. Learn.

 A lovely night in a fabulous spot where you can bring friends or meet new ones,

all while you indulge yourself in the latest makeup trends.

 Learn tips and tricks on yourself while you sip and laugh.

This is the ultimate in girl's night out fun! Let our Makeup Artists lead the way for an event quite unlike any other. One part night out, one part tutorial, two parts cheeky fun with a dash of whimsy.



How much makeup should I be wearing when I arrive?
It’s really up to you how much makeup you want to have on when you arrive. The evening will begin with a full facial cleanse.

Do I bring my own makeup & brushes?
Yes. Please do bring your basics - items that you use every day and carry in your makeup bag. The best part of our events is that you get to learn how to use your own makeup and not just experience makeup that you may never use again or be able to find on your own. Your instructor will also provide a full professional kit of makeup for any tips and touch-ups that she can add to your look. 

Can I drink during the event?
One glass of wine or sangria is included in your ticket price. There will be additional refreshments available for purchase. 

Can I come with friends?
Definitely! 'Be Beautiful' is a super fun experience whether you are alone or with friends. If you go alone we certainly encourage mingling with the other ladies in attendance and networking is fun in groups too - you never know whom you might meet!

Will I be able to purchase makeup?
Absolutely! You will receive 25% off all purchases of Eminence or GLO mineral makeup during your event.

What if I make a mistake with my makeup and need to correct it?
No need to worry. Practice makes perfect! There will be plenty of cotton balls, makeup remover and tissues on hand. You can take care of removal yourself or ask your Instructor to help you with this. 

How long does each event last?
The event lasts 1.5 hours.

Will I be photographed or filmed for any print or promo editorials?
Only with your permission may we take photos for promotional use. You are welcome of course to take selfies of your fabulous new looks!

How do I pay or register for the event?
Simply call Daydreams at 204-717-7500 for your ticket purchases.

How many ladies typically attend?
Each event can be anywhere from 4-8 ladies. While we want you to meet lots of potential new friends, we still want everyone to be able to maximize time with their Instructor and follow safe social distancing guidelines.